Nourish Peterborough

Nourish Peterborough 2011 is a feature-length documentary film written, filmed, and edited by Toby Wiggins.

The film was part of a year-long internship funded by the YWCA, which aimed to amplify marginalized peoples’ voices and generate local, grassroots social change.


The film follows ten unique groups from Peterborough, Ontario who are advocating for local food security and sovereignty including Food Not Bombs, Community Gardens, OurSpace, Gleaning, and Come Cook With Us. These programs that have a significant impact on many people’s lives in Peterborough, though they sometimes go overlooked and/or underfunded. The film provides a platform for these organizations by giving its members, volunteers, and staff a platform in their communities.

Food is not separate from people’s sense of meaning and belonging. Many Peterborough food programs increase people’s overall well-being in ways beyond simply providing nutrients. When we eat together, we share knowledge and gain strength.

For more information, connect to the film’s website.