Yoga International features info about my upcoming workshop on consent and gender

For those of you following my yoga equity work, I have been featured in an article on Yoga International about the Accessible Yoga Conference coming to Toronto June 22 – 24. Thank you Kathleen Kraft for this piece. Check it out:

The Accessible Yoga Conference in Toronto: What You Need to Know

“At the Toronto conference, classes will be offered in inclusive chair yoga, yoga for large bodies, pranayama for diverse populations, feminist yoga and the ethics of care, developmental movement, yoga for underserved seniors, living and teaching yoga with mental health challenges, best practices in therapeutic yoga, yoga for the special child, working with cancer patients, yoga for stress-related illnesses, yoga service and social justice, yoga for PTSD, building a sustainable practice, and consent and gender in yoga.

One of the presenters, Tobias Wiggins, will be covering the “hot” topic of consent in yoga. ‘The topic of consent has risen to the forefront in mainstream media of late, but what larger dialogues sometimes overlook is how consent (or the lack of it) is a part of the subtle fabric of everyday life,’ Wiggins says. ‘In yoga class, this often manifests in adjustments or touch without established consent, a dynamic that is compounded further by the gender identity of students and instructors. I love that the AYC is taking steps to expand [the conversation] about accessibility to [also address] social issues—like race, gender, class, and sexuality—these are topics that have a huge impact on our yoga practice and overall health.'”

read the full article 


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