Disruptive Erotics in Psychoanalytic Time at Ryerson University




Disruptive Erotics in Psychoanalytic Time 
Ryerson University Toronto, Saturday May 27th from 2:30 – 3:45

Chair: Tobias B. D. Wiggins

Panel Description

Psychoanalysis has been widely critiqued for developmental rigidity, yet it provides surprisingly rich frameworks for queering normative chronologies. The timelessness of the Freudian drives, repetitions as a form of unconscious memory, the psychical remnants of childhood, uncanny encounters, the “après-coup” of trauma, lingering perversities, and the intermediacy of ambivalence, all disrupt knowable and reliable futurities. This proposed panel will thus employ a variety of psychoanalytic theory—including Freudian, Lacanian, Kleinian thought—to consider novel queer forms of disruptive erotics in psychoanalytic time. Drawing from diverse locations in sex studies, such as pornography, psychodynamic practice, anti-colonial sci-fi narratives, sex work/sexual labour, the “transsexual pervert,” and the corporeal, we collectively consider what psychoanalysis can teach us about sex, temporality, and love. The panelists approach these topics beyond a monolithic academic standpoint—many of them are community-based scholars, clinicians, and activists, particularly in the field of mental health. Combining clinical experience with scholarly work allows for a unique perspective that reaches beyond the theoretical, and should be a valuable contribution to the SSA’s annual meeting at this year’s Congress.


Psychoanalysis and the Transsexual Pervert’s Queer Time 
Tobias B. D. Wiggins

 “Ties of Blood and Water”: Race, Sex, and Reparation in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”
David K. Seitz

Ricky Varghese

Perverse Speech in Talk Therapy School
Beau Molnar 


for more information on Congress 2017, http://www.congress2017.ca


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